Apply For Assistance

Please read the below qualifications and information prior to applying for assistance to determine your eligibility

– The applicant and dog must live in the Western New York region.

– The assistance Flair’s Warriors provides is solely for the reimbursement of costs to pay for ongoing treatment of sick/disabled dogs. These costs consist only of monthly costs to facilitate the treatment of the dog’s underlying conditions. We do not reimburse for costs incurred from a veterinarian hospital’s medical procedures administered to the dog or for office visits, exams or testing. Flair’s Warriors’ reimbursement is for recurring costs such as increases in costs from dietary restrictions, costs of medications required to support the life of the dog, etc.

– We are not guaranteeing monthly payments if you are approved for assistance. If approved for assistance, Flair’s Warriors will provide reimbursement of approved costs in the form of a check. To receive reimbursement you must provide proof of the purchase of the previously approved medications, food, etc. that was provided to the dog. Reimbursement will not be provided for costs incurred for unapproved purchases (some exceptions apply if you are able to show the purchases were necessary to support the life of the dog). Receipts/invoices must be submitted to Flair’s Warriors for reimbursement within 90 days of purchase.

– This application covers a period of 12 months. Once the 12 month period is up a renewal application is required to show medications and assistance are still required.

– Flair’s Warriors has the right to terminate reimbursement of payments at any time for any reason. Reimbursement of payments are subject to availability of funds.

– By filling out the form below, you are agreeing to allow Flair’s Warriors to contact your veterinarian for proof of the dog’s ailments. You agree that the information you have provided is accurate and agree to provide updates on any changes in the diagnosis and status of both your financial needs and your pet’s need for support.

– If approved, you agree to allow Flair’s Warriors the right to periodically check up on the dog to ensure medications and other forms of support are being properly administered and that living conditions for the dog are adequate. If a pet check up is denied or it is discovered that the dog’s life is not being properly supported, Flair’s Warriors will deny all future reimbursements.

If you have any questions on the above items or on the application, please feel free to contact us.